Our Approach:

We know this is a cumbersome process and you shouldn’t have to go it alone.

Think of it this way – our feet are on the pedals, but your hands are on the wheel. We approach each project as a collaboration with our clients. We aren’t here to lock you into anything, we are here to provide the best options so you can make a decision that works for your vision and budget.

What holds us apart from other firms is that we don’t markup prices, what you pay for is our project management. You receive expert level advice, but pay a flat fee for us to streamline the process and ensure the goals you set are met. We empower our clients by providing better pricing on materials and giving them control over their project.

How Bedrock Can Develop Your Dream/Future/Vision:

  • Design, Function, and Form – Creating a space that makes you feel good while providing comfort and utility.
  • Selling – We want to help your house put its best foot forward. We’ll get you and your property ready for sale.
  • Buying – Getting you your dream home at the best price.
  • Renovation – There isn’t a wrong way to create your dream living space, but there is an inefficient way. Renovating your home can be painless and efficient with us on your side.
  • Navigating the Market – It’s a jungle out there, our decades of experience will help you understand what you are up against and get the best outcome.